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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thumb Drive Discovery

Cleaning out a thumb drive I haven’t used in years, I stumbled onto a word document listing my grievances about a job I held at the time. The way my mind works is that I process things by either talking it out or writing it down. In the “process” of talking or writing, I make my way to the solution. That’s what I was doing with that document.

I read through it and found I also documented what my then 12 yr old daughter interjected as I wrote.

“Mama, what you doing?”

“I’m organizing and preparing my thoughts, about a conversation I need to have with my manager.”

“Just organize and prepare to find another job, in case he fires you!”

“What?” I responded laughing, yet with the realization she might be right.

“No offense. In Legally Blonde, remember when she said ‘I can’t work with people like that.’ And he said, 'You’re right, you shouldn’t have to.' And he fired her?”

As a result of that conversation, I realized that if I was that dissatisfied, then it was time to move on.    

I now have the advantage of hindsight, since this occurred some years ago. I enjoy my job much more, and I do not dread going into work like I once did. I am firmly convinced that: 

A fool is one who doesn't recognize the wisdom spoken by a child. 


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