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Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Cake

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are. They have an uncanny way— no matter what age— to see right through you and get to the heart of the matter. They zero in precisely— like a surgeon with fine tuned surgical skills— to peel away the layer that’s often hidden from ourselves. Revealing our flaws, our inconsistencies, and double talk.

This evening after track practice, my daughter was starving when I picked her up. I discussed plans for dinner, which consisted of baking portabella mushrooms.

“Is that all we’re having for dinner?!” In shocked indignation that only a teenager can pull off.  Anyone who says moms are experts at piling on guilt trips, hasn’t met a teenager.

“No, I’m also going to make broccolini.” Bad mommy guilt has a voice, it said, Protein! Where’s the protein in this meal for my athlete?

Seeing as she wasn’t about to head into a restaurant without a shower, I suggested, “Take out!” She grinned the universal grin, the one known by children all across the world, when they get their way.

On the phone ordering our meal, I asked, ”Could you have them go light on the oil?” I’ve always been squeamish about too much oil in my food, especially when food is swimming in it.

“Do you want any salad, or dessert?”
What the heck, it’s Valentine’s day! Let’s go for a piece of chocolate cake!

Seconds after I hang up, I hear the voice. That once small, cute and sweet voice, now perfected with17 yr old sarcasm. “Oh! Light on the oil, but I’ll take the chocolate cake!”

A good laugh at myself, and a delectable chocolate indulgence, were a great combo for tonight’s menu. 


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