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Thursday, May 23, 2013


I love how beautifully the photographer captured this seagull. His wings outstretched and feathers fanned out such that you can almost count them individually. Notice the pattern created by the unique outline of each feather.

Like this seagull’s pattern, each of us has a unique pattern to our life. Each with a unique story to tell. A unique history. A unique present. A unique future.

The seagull has his eyes cast forward in the direction of his flight. He’s not distracted looking backwards, such as dwelling on the past.

Look at his hind legs. They look like they are trusting. They are not struggling nor fighting against the rest of the body for control. They are following the intelligence already divinely bestowed within the design of their bodies. How often do we struggle with God’s all knowing intelligence, and fight for control?

I don’t know how evolved a seagull’s mind is, but it is not as complex as ours. We have the ability to reason, yet we usually don’t use that God-given power to catapult us to soaring. Instead, we may allow our past, or present circumstances constrain our wings. We need to be more like a seagull which leans forward toward the journey.

The seagull trusts that if he propels forward with his wings fully extended, he will take flight. He has his whole self fully committed to flight, otherwise he drops like a rock.

This seagull’s body in flight is a metaphor for how God designed us to lean into Him. We must trust in the infinite wisdom of God—The One who created every minute detail of every living creature, the limitless universe in the heavens and below the surface of the earth. If we fix our eyes forward to Him, we will expand rather than contract. We will not rely on our own limited powers and abilities, but rather soar in His. After all, God only designs masterpieces. 

Ella Venezia

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