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Friday, May 20, 2011

Text A Bouquet of Flowers

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A few days ago as I passed by the kitchen table, I glanced at the fresh cut flowers my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day, and sadly most of them were wilted. I reflected on how many days I had rushed by them recently, only glancing briefly, if at all. I marvel how quickly I can take something so temporal for granted.

Of course when my daughter first gave them to me, I was elated and had to bring my nose close to inhale their perfume. The first couple of days I glanced at them often, and a smile automatically came over me. Then as the days progressed, I glanced at them less often, because I was usually in a rush or my mind was preoccupied.

A couple of days ago, I thought, I should stop and look at the  flowers, as I caught myself rushing by them yet again. “Now” that I wanted to linger longer on their beauty, they had indeed expired.

Next time I’ll slow down enough to appreciate them every day.  But that’s the thing about flowers or anything in life, if we aren’t careful, we may live our lives distracted and miss the chance to appreciate something when we have it. After all, flowers are not the only things that are temporal.

As I threw them out that evening, I wistfully and audibly exhaled as my daughter stood nearby, “Too bad flowers don’t last longer. They were beautiful. I loved the flowers you got for me!”

The following day, now that my daughter is driving, she ran an errand to the grocery store, and when she returned, she surprised me with a new bouquet of flowers!

I made a big deal over that! I made it a point to let my excitement show. Kids need to be encouraged (don’t we all) by our appreciation. Life’s too short to mute or tone down our joy, and to miss an opportunity to share it with them— especially when we are happy in response to something they have done.

Today she went home for lunch, and while I was at work, we texted for a bit. I again added, “Thank you again for my flowers J

Seconds later, she took a picture of the flowers and texted it to me! What a beautiful and intentional gesture! Most adults wouldn’t think to do this, and here my teen naturally showed her love through a simple act.

There are countless ways our children show us love. They possess a bottomless well of creativity and imagination. Most of these ways are simple, yet they have a tremendous impact on us both, if we are intentional to rejoice in the moment.

Ella Venezia
Copyright © 2011 Ella Venezia. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is so true, I was thinking about this the other day - it's so easy to just go on auto-pilot sometimes and not stop and appreciate life, and the small things. It was so very sweet of your daughter to get you another set of flowers, and then send you a pic of flowers! Sounds like you raised her well! :)

  2. Cute blog and nice post,following you on GFC!

  3. Thanks Kristina for your thoughts and wonderful compliment. I agree with you about sometimes going on autopilot. We can fall into that trap so quickly too! But here's to staying alert and awake enough to catch ourselves when we do!

    Angela- Welcome to my Blog and thanks for following. I just went to your site and find the idea of blogging with your daughter a refreshing idea!

    Have a super week!-Ellla


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