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Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick Adolescent Quips
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I recall when my daughter was in the seventh grade, picking her up after school and noticing how it was common-place for her and her friends (including males) to hug good-bye.

“You know what I notice? When I was your age, I don’t remember routinely hugging kids good-bye. We probably were more likely to hug the last day of school before the summer break.”

She matter-of-factly listed, ”Well mom…back then, first of all, you were a nerd! Second, you were shy! And third, nobody would want to hug you!”  Of course, this was the age where I’m not cool.

She continued, “I wouldn’t want to hug you either. Just kidding. I couldn’t hug you because I couldn’t be born.”

With kids you can’t take anything personal. Being a parent has taught me to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously. For this I am grateful, because I used to be far too serious pre-kid.
Ella Venezia
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