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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Solitary Utah Moment

Delicate Arch, Utah
Driving into the Canyon Lands,Utah, my senses immersed in the awe of naturally formed arches, deep red rock formations, and rustling trees with scattered yellow-golden hues, caused me to stop often to soak in the richness of this color.

Arriving at Elephant Hill, I embarked on the trail by foot. I didn’t know what to anticipate, but was eager to see what lay at path’s end. Quickly it became quite a challenge navigating through an unmarked path. Me, a city girl, made it even more interesting. I made my best guesses, sprinkled with some common sense, and managed to stumble upon an incredibly beautiful view. I sat on a huge rock for a long quiet while, allowing it all to permeate my senses. Spanning for miles, I saw what looked like dark red sprouting bulbous columns with white-capped mushrooms.

It was amazing how quiet it was there, except for the wind rushing past my ears. The occasional vulture flying overhead broke the silence. I sat there enjoying the scrumptious raspberry muffins the innkeepers thoughtfully packed for me.

Contemplation gave rise to the conclusion, that in God’s natural landscape there is nothing but beauty. Even in the apparent flaw or accident, perfection arises. In the shearing of a cliff or mountain, witnessed by the imperfect cuts of every rock, a random beauty emerges. Immersed in admiration of this masterpiece, breathing in its tranquility, feeling the coolness of the breeze gently brushing me, I too felt part of God’s brush stroke.

For a long moment, I was outside of my familiar internal self-absorption. I felt a quiet humility as the observer of such majesty. Surely there is intention in God's universe to have created such a beautiful landscape. My attention was to the miracle surrounding me. I returned to thoughts of myself, here intentionally placed at this precise moment, to be in quiet observation and meditation. I could feel His presence in this moment which led me to such a place. It was a nagging urging, which instigated me on a whim, to take a flight to Utah(A place I've never been). But as I sat there silently contemplating the beauty I came to understand, God has intention in everything, including my brief presence within this landscape. For an instant, forever seared into my heart, exists a moment when I, a temporary mist, was part of this panorama. The sensory overload of these thoughts, the awe provoking view, and caressing dancing winds, inspired euphoria from which I exclaimed: "Thank you God for creating such beauty, and placing me here today, to celebrate this awesome world of yours!"


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